I want to help create
the best you yet!
If you ever feel out of balance with food, fitness, or other areas, this is for you.
My Self-Discovery Roadmap teaches you how to be your healthiest in a way that truly
works for YOU, because we're all unique! Plus you'll get updates and more tools from me!
You’re Here! I’m so glad, and I
believe it’s meant to be.

I’m Tessie - I’m a trainer and coach. I specialize in helping people like you finally create a peaceful relationship with food and body so you can become the next best version of yourself through my private and group coaching programs.

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I work with individuals and groups. Talking is the best way to start so click the button below to schedule with me.

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I work with individuals and groups. Talking is the best way to start so click the button below to schedule with me.

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How I Got in Shape for My Wedding

It’s that ONE day, right?! 👰🏽🥂 There’s a lot of excitement, a lot of build up, and quite honestly a lot of programmed and conditioned pressure put on this day. That pressure might feel like the need to get a fancy dress, the need to have flawless skin, the need…


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Happy Clients

When I started working with Tessie I was struggling with my overall health. I lacked consistency with working out, putting my health first and eating balanced meals. Tessie was able to help me understand where my roadblocks were coming from and how to take small steps to overcome them. One of my biggest breakthroughs from working with Tessie has been the ability to accept and love myself for where I am at in my journey. She offered realistic, manageable changes that helped my eating become more mindful and my workouts become more consistent. Tessie didn’t just focus on eating habits or nutrition, she also took the time to understand the underlying issues that I was facing in all areas of my life. She is one of the easiest people to talk to because she is a great listener and is non-judgemental. Additionally, she is sympathetic, compassionate, encouraging, accepting, caring, attentive, positive, optimistic and instrumental. Tessie is the real deal! She is very authentic, her positive and caring attitude is very infectious and helpful.

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