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Hi! I'm Tessie. I'm a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, an Emotional Intelligence Trainer, a former top-10 Nationally Ranked Collegiate Cheerleader + Bodybuilding Champion.

I've also healed from struggles with emotional eating, binging, negative body image, and restrictive dieting.

Let's face it. Habit change can be really tricky.  

Have you ever taken on too much too soon and ended up worse off then when you started? 

Or maybe you've been basing your fitness and food goals around looking a certain way, hoping that when you got 'there', you'd feel confident/enough/lovable/happy? 

You're not alone! 

Through my own journey, education + client experience, I've developed a 5-step goal-setting system that blends the science of habit change with a body-love, positive psychology, celebratory approach. 

And it's all wrapped up in a physical workbook, the food + body GOAL GUIDE + HABIT TRACKER!

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