How to Improve Your Metabolism… It’s Not What You Think! (video)

Metabolism tends to be one of those ‘hot’ words…

We may associate it with energy, weight loss, digestion, etc. But in today’s video, I’m going to give you a different perspective on metabolism.

You will learn a number of intangible factors, outside of exercise, supplements, and food choices (although I cover those too) that can affect metabolism.

Most importantly, stick around to the end of the video where I introduce the FREE Tessie Tool™ Download. It’s a quiz to help you discover your Food Belief Personality Type.

You might learn how your Food Belief Type is impacting your metabolism… for better or worse ?


Listen to the audio here:

Get the FREE Tessie Tool™ Download that goes with this video!

Download your Food Belief Quiz at tessietracy.com/quiz to learn your Food Belief Type, and get personalized homework in order to continue developing a positive, empowering relationship with food & body!

Email me and let me know your Food Belief Personality Type! tessie@tessietracy.com 


Love & Shiny ❤️ ✨


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