Take THESE 5 Steps to Find Your Fitness Motivation!

It’s Winter”, “I’ll Start After the Holidays”, “I don’t have the motivation”,

or the big one… “I don’t have enough time”!

Do you find yourself leaning on these common excuses to skip a workout, and then another, and then another?

Here are 5 proven steps to help you snap out of it, and into the Gym:

1. Write Down 3 ATTAINABLE fitness goals to achieve BEFORE the new year!

A. Putting our intentions into writing makes them concrete and real, automatically motivating us into action.

B. Keep it simple and realistic. These are 3 “mini” goals you are going to achieve before the new year, which is just 5 weeks away.

Examples: Increase my elbow plank hold by 1 min, Be able to do at least 5 more push-ups than I can on my start date, Attend a group exercise class once a week, Try one new healthy recipe every week…  For More help choosing goals, Go Here!

2. Find an Accountability Partner!

A. This can be done by simply telling a friend/significant other/family member what your goals are and how you intend to see them through i.e. “I’ve looked up the yoga studio and I know I can go on Monday and Saturdays to class”.

B. Do you have a friend that needs some fitness motivation? Reach out and ask if they want to join you. Research shows that working out with a buddy can help increase exercise intensity, keep your workout schedule more consistent, and have more fun!

3. Schedule it (First thing in the Morning)!

“What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast” is a motivating book by nationally recognized writer Laura Vanderkam in which she demonstrates that the a.m. is THE BEST time to work out.

Because our motivation, willpower and energy are being zapped throughout the day, she suggests SCHEDULING your daily fitness as part of your morning ritual before you get taken away by inevitable daily responsibilities/stresses.

4. Create 3 positive statements surrounding fitness to replace excuses or negative feelings. Post them on the wall and read them EVERY DAY out loud.

Examples: I am fit and love going to dance class! Moving my body feels outstanding! Every time I do a workout, I am achieving a goal!

This is the power of positive thinking in practice, It may feel uncomfortable and cheesy at first, and it will also HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!

5. Log Your Process and Results for Continuous Motivation.

Keep a log of every day you worked towards your goals.

A. My personal goal coach Gregory Sims developed a calendar system through which I would have a written daily 20 min. minimum objective related to one of my goals. For fitness goals, it might look like… Monday the ____ of ____, 2012- Research and exercise class and plan it in my schedule. Tuesday- Take 20 minutes to look up a new recipe and schedule a day to try it. Wednesday- Attend Exercise Class….

B. Even after one week of strength training, our bodies are physically stronger. Say for instance one of your goals is to hold a plank for 1 minute, and you are practicing 3 times/week. Write down your first time, don’t judge it, just do it : ) by the end of the first week, I guarantee you will hold it longer than you did the first day… Just think how much you can improve in 5 weeks!

I look forward to hearing some of your fitness goals and progress in the comment box!


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