How I Got in Shape for My Wedding

It’s that ONE day, right?! 👰🏽🥂 There’s a lot of excitement, a lot of build up, and quite honestly a lot of programmed and conditioned pressure put on this day. That pressure might feel like the need to get a fancy dress, the need to have flawless skin, the need to lose weight, have the perfect hair, etc.

Coming away from my journey to 💒 alter lol (even though we got married outside ha), I can honestly say I found MY balance between definitely wanting to feel great & look “beautiful” (quotes b/c it can mean something different to each of us) and also not letting that goal run my life. 

I’d like to share a handful of things about the 2 months before our wedding (that’s literally the time frame we had to both plan & prep) that I did, AND more importantly DIDN’T do, health and beauty-wise…

photo by @fryeshots

Before I share, I also wanted to wholeheartedly acknowledge that my “results” are just that… mine. I don’t believe there is a one size fits all health routine. I know that each of our journeys w/ body image/weight is relative and unique. There was a time in my journey during which I would have judged myself for not getting my body to a super specific definition. I would have done 2-a-days to get my lower abs to come in.

I would have been googling every diet under the sun on how to lose weight before my wedding. So, if you’re in that place right now, I get it. And you might even read this or see the pics and feel a ping of comparison or jealousy or think “yeah well easy for you to say”. All I ask is that you simply notice what comes up for you, and let that guide you to your next steps toward practicing body love, no matter what shape it takes. Just as I am not in your head, I ask that you not assume what’s in mine.

My intent is NOT for this post, and the pics, to come across as “oh just do xyz and you’ll get toned, lose fat, etc.” nor am I saying that the small changes I went through are what you should strive for. I was striving for structure yet balance, and I did that!! THAT is my invitation for you, find YOUR flow between structure and balance. 

OK… 🥁🥁🥁 My Wedding Prep DIDs & DIDN’Ts

✨💍 I DID – use all natural teeth whitening strips from lumineaux @oral_essentials and went tanning a few times.

✨💍 I DID – use the Sio Beauty patch at an attempt (key word lol) to minimize my forehead wrinkles 😬

✨💍 WE DID – start getting meal kit deliveries from Hello Fresh for 3 meals a week (click above to grab $40 off as a gift from me!)

✨💍 WE DID – join a Covid-safe small group fitness gym Tough Mudder Bootcamp Denver & consistently went 3x a week. 🥵💪🏽

✨💍 WE DID – limit alcohol to about 1x a week. 🥃🍷

🙅🏽‍♀️⚠️ I DID NOT – count calories, stop eating dessert when I wanted it, or do any sort of strict diet or meal plan.

🙅🏽‍♀️⚠️ I DID NOT – over-exercise, plan to be a dress size down, or intentionally skip meals.

🙅🏽‍♀️⚠️ I DID NOT – get down on myself for not doing more or for missing a workout, and didn’t do anything I felt would take away from enjoying life/feeling sane, like eating out every once in a while, having some drinks 🍷 or socializing.

If you’re reading this, and prepping for a wedding, remember to have fun! Yes, sure, implement some things you know will help you feel great the day of (even if they fit they “societal pressure” mold). And also remember that you are going to feel beautiful that day no matter what! You’ll be glowing with love, nervous sweats lol and excitement.

Choose healthy habits leading up to the big day that will feel doable, balanced and sustainable. If you have any questions, I got you! Feel free to reach out any time. You can also follow me on IG @tessietracy where I share more tips and healthy inspo every day!

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