Tessie Tracy is the best coach that I’ve worked with. She is a great motivator, which is a big help on those days when you have a busy day ahead and working out is the last thing you want to do! She has also been an amazing consultant for my wellness platform, alrightnow.com

Tessie is a top notch coach. She shows her passion, knowledge, and commitment to making everyone better than they were when they walked in!

Tessie is not only an amazing coach but she is also a wonderful and compassionate person and she truly cares about helping you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be. I would highly recommend Tessie to anyone looking to achieve health goals and improve your overall well being.

My favorite part of Tessie’s Fit Outside the Box’ Workshop was connecting with other women and working through the program together. I also loved how it was broken down into bite sized pieces each week which kept me from getting overwhelmed.

I learned how important it is to take time when eating and to eat without being distracted. I feel more satiation with my food when I do this. Tessie is very knowledgeable and caring. She listened to what I wanted and tailored the program in a way so I could accomplish my unique goals.

In working with Tessie, I thought the initial focus was going to be cutting things from my diet, not eating past 6pm, etc. To my surprise, at our first meeting, this was not Tessie’s focus at all. She was more into the psychology of it all. Through a series of meetings we peeled back the onion. It was refreshing and digging a little deeper has allowed me to make solid and realistic modifications to my lifestyle.

I journal, which helps to clear my mind. I get more sleep, which allows my body to recover. I pay attention to how certain foods affect my body and if I actually enjoy it, not only after I eat but while I’m eating. I have learned to embrace my body through the journey.

Tessie is a strong, influential communicator, and a sensitive and patient listener.
She is full of positive and empowering insight, and the connection she makes with each of her students is unique and personalized to what they need.

The course has been an excellent experience thanks to how Tessie organized and structured the curriculum, and navigated us through the weeks.

We each left with actionable takeaway points and new, healthier mindsets that we can continue to implement in our daily lives.

I moved to LA from NYC in September 2016 and was desperate for a significant lifestyle change. After 5 years of hustling in NYC–eating and drinking away my stress–I realized that my body was miserable, I was out of shape, and quite a bit heavier than I’ve ever been. Something needed to change. Pronto.

Through structured reflections and guided discussions, Tessie patiently pulled out the truth of why I was struggling and how my travel schedule was making it nearly impossible for me to make progress on my goals, and alcohol wasn’t helping.

Tessie gave me the tools to DO SOMETHING about how I was feeling. I can honestly say that my work with Tessie was the turning point in my wellness journey. I’ve redefined what I consider to be my best self and, with that, my physical goals were much easier.

When I started working with Tessie I was struggling with my overall health. I lacked consistency with working out, putting my health first and eating balanced meals. Tessie was able to help me understand where my roadblocks were coming from and how to take small steps to overcome them. One of my biggest breakthroughs from working with Tessie has been the ability to accept and love myself for where I am at in my journey. She offered realistic, manageable changes that helped my eating become more mindful and my workouts become more consistent. Tessie didn’t just focus on eating habits or nutrition, she also took the time to understand the underlying issues that I was facing in all areas of my life. She is one of the easiest people to talk to because she is a great listener and is non-judgemental. Additionally, she is sympathetic, compassionate, encouraging, accepting, caring, attentive, positive, optimistic and instrumental. Tessie is the real deal! She is very authentic, her positive and caring attitude is very infectious and helpful.