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“Tessie is a strong, influential communicator, and a sensitive and patient listener.

She is full of positive and empowering insight, and the connection she makes with each of her students is unique and personalized to what they need. 

The course has been an excellent experience thanks to how Tessie organized and structured the curriculum, and navigated us through the weeks. 

We each left with actionable takeaway points and new, healthier mindsets that we can continue to implement in our daily lives.”

~ Haleh Nourani ~ Marketing Specialist

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"In working with Tessie, I thought the initial focus was going to be cutting things from my diet, not eating past 6pm, etc. To my surprise, at our first meeting, this was not Tessie's focus at all. She was more into the psychology of it all. Through a series of meetings we peeled back the onion. It was refreshing and digging a little deeper has allowed me to make solid and realistic modifications to my lifestyle.

I journal, which helps to clear my mind. I get more sleep, which allows my body to recover. I pay attention to how certain foods affect my body and if I actually enjoy it, not only after I eat but while I'm eating. I have learned to embrace my body through the journey."

~ Ebonie Loftin ~ Sr. Systems Engineer