the Food + Body Goal Guide + Habit Tracker


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  • Goal-setting Guide with Tessie’s 5-step system to go from goal to lifestyle
  • Monthly intention and reflection pages
  • Weekly Habit Tracking and Goal-Setting
  • Daily Journaling exercise for accountability, motivation and self-encouragement
  • Random tips, quotes, affirmations and other inspiration to keep you going!
  • BONUS* – a 7-step audio lesson to help breakthrough negative relationship with food + body
  • BONUS* – a food switch list that educates you on some alternatives for common everyday foods so you can start eating more whole-foods that energize you, but not feel deprived!



This 6-month goal guide and habit tracker takes you through Eating Psychology and Fitness Expert Tessie Tracy’s 5-step system to go from breakdown to breakthrough with your food, fitness and mindset goals!

Finally stop the yo-yo, on again off again cycle when it comes to creating a sustainable health routine! In this goal guide and habit tracker, you’ll have everything you need to set and achieve empowering, lasting, consistent fitness, food, body image and confidence goals!



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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 0.25 in

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