1% Better Every Day – a talk with Michael Balchan – Part 1

This video can’t even be introduced…

If you’re looking for amazing, practical, bite-sized advice on how to incorporate small changes that turn into huge results in life, this is the video for you.


In today’s video, I interview Michael Balchan, mental coach to executives and inspired leaders, Harvard trained behavioral economist and psychologist with a master’s in Optimal Living, founder & CEO of efive.co, and all around amazing human.

Michael is the author of Meditation: What, Why, and How to Meditate, part of a commitment to see 5% of the world’s population develop a daily mindfulness practice.

He is also the artist of Plus One Pic Notes, daily illustrations that make personal-growth playful, practical, and accessible. He is a top 10% Ironman finisher, a world-class learner, a master practicer, and a committed partner.

His award-winning work covers the intersection of personal growth, psychology, peak-performance science, optimal learning, physiology, habits, wellness, and our greatest spiritual and wisdom traditions. He teaches, speaks, and leads programs on related topics.

Oh, and did I mention we met studying abroad in Spain… over 10 years ago!

Ok, so I guess I did give a bit of an introduction, so, without further ado…

Here’s today’s video!

Listen to the audio from the above here:


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Mike has very generously created a 2min starter daily meditation for you: Grab your free meditation at tessietracy.com/meditate


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