1% Better Every Day – a talk with Michael Balchan – Part 2

Part 2! You Made It!

(if you haven’t seen part 1 of this talk, go here)

We are back with more amazing, practical, bite-sized advice on how to incorporate small changes that turn into huge results in life, health, success, happiness and more.

In this second half of the talk, I ask Mike about his plus one pic note art, which features his take of daily lessons from Brian Johnson’s Optimize Challenge.  These daily illustrations make personal-growth playful, practical, and accessible. You can see an example of one below!

 We talk more about these amazing plus one pic notes in the video. AND…

the giveaway today is a “1% better every day guide” with 7 popular pic note lessons you can learn from right now, as well as a daily journaling exercise to help improve happiness, motivation and overall wellbeing!

Here’s today’s video!

Listen to the audio from the above here:

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We’ve created a quick guide to 1% better every day! You’ll get a breakdown of 7 different plus one pic note lessons, and a daily journaling exercise from Tessie. Download yours now at tessietracy.com/better

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