How to Build Healthy Habits x3 – Part 3: Accountability & Practice

Why are these 2 words so important when we’re trying to work through a challenge or build new habits?

Well, without practice and accountability, we have stats like 96-99% of people who go on a weight loss plan (or try to overhaul any habit, for that matter) go back to old habits/behaviors, and gain weight back (plus some) within a year.

And I’m here to help you become the 1%. In fact, I’m here to help us all shift the ‘success’ percentage to more than 1-3% by supporting as many people as possible to create sustainable healthy behaviors and habits.

If you’ve been following along in the past 2 videos, you’ve gotten a taste (pun intended) on my approach to creating healthy habits, whether it’s what I would call an ‘intangible behavior’ like developing a positive relationship to food and body (more about creating a mindset), or a tangible habit like going to the gym 4 times a week (a more concrete, measurable change in action).

So, if you haven’t seen it, in the First Video, I walk you through a process for creating a working, current definition of what “healthy” means to you in 7 key life areas!

In the Second Video, you learn my perspective on creating Life Balance. You’ll have the opportunity to rate your current satisfaction/level of balance in the 7 key life areas, AND, I teach you how to create an effective 21-day Balance Challenge to practice a new habit in your lowest-scoring area!

In today’s video, we wrap up with 2 more important implementations (say that 10 times fast) when it comes to creating new habits and behaviors.

1. Accountability – Did you know we are 90% more likely to achieve a goal or objective when we have external accountability? For example… being part of a support group or mastermind, working with a coach, having an accountabilibuddy relationship, joining a group exercise class, taking a class to learn a new skill, etc.

2. Practice – There are so many different theories and deep developmental psychological reasons around how long, how, and why we have breakthroughs in character development and take on new habits that help us grow, expand, move toward our highest potential. One thing I believe all the science, soul and theories can agree on is this: Building a new habit or behavior, whether it’s going to the gym regularly, or having an authentically positive outlook on life, takes conscious, mindful, patient practice!

After the video, be sure to download this week’s  FREE Tessie Tool™ . This free download is a guided audio of my 7-step transformational process called the Tessie Tracy Technique.  In the audio, you’ll learn about and get exercises that go along with each of the 7 steps. The method is based on my education, personal life story and experience with Emotional Intelligence Training, Eating Psychology Coaching, and Mind Body Nutrition Work.

Here’s today’s video!

Listen to the audio from the above here:


Get the FREE Tessie Tool™ Download that goes with this video!

Be sure to download your complimentary guided audio of the 7-step Tessie Tracy Technique to start your sustainable habit transformation NOW at

Here’s a sneak peak at the 7 steps:

  1. Reveal – discover your biggest food & body challenge, where it comes from, and how it’s here to help you grow.
  2. Relax – learn how you can implement more relaxation in life to optimize overall health, happiness, metabolism, pleasure, and balance.
  3. Restore – get real and commit to expressing any un-processed emotion or un-said communication.
  4. Redefine – don’t take my word for it. Don’t listen to the diet industry. Don’t listen to your friends… what is YOUR definition of health?
  5. Reacquaint – get in touch with the wholeness of yourself and the joy of your inner child. Create a positive affirmation to help you move out of negativetown and into positiveville.
  6. Relationship – who’s at your dinner table? when it comes to food and life in general. how are you showing up in relationship? is there any action you need to take in order to create the ideal relationships in your life?
  7. Rhythm – use this technique for habits in ANY area of life (hint, your 7 healthy F-words). This step is also about finding a rhythm based on the season of your life, and relaxing into the fact that life is cyclical and our focus and health may be at different stages.

Leave a comment below, and let me know what you’re discovering about yourself! Questions about working with me as your personal health coach? Reach out anytime!

Love & Shiny, ? ✨


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