How to Build Healthy Habits x3 – Part 2: Creating Balance (6min video)

Do you feel out of balance with food, fitness, fun, or other key life areas?

Me too sometimes! And honestly, I think it’s ok. I’m not sure we are designed to feel 100% content 100% of the time in life.

I know, I know. Way to squash the motivational opening, right? Let me explain… I believe we ARE designed to constantly seek our next best version of self. And that means being aware of and recognizing when something in life is out of balance.

It can be different for each of us… maybe I don’t feel balanced/satisfied in my relationships, or maybe I’m searching for more purpose and using my unique gifts (I call this life area “Future” – like, what you are creating now to leave behind).

*Quick side note, if you haven’t seen the 1st video to this 3 part series, I highly recommend checking out last week’s video, all about defining your own health (in the same 7 life areas we are talking about this week, hint hint). You can review it on the blog HERE

In this week’s video, you will be learning more about Life Balance, and get a good idea of what that term really means to you.

Then, you’ll want to download this week’s  FREE Tessie Tool™ . The free download is a Life Balance Check-In Sheet with which you will be rating yourself on a scale of 1-10 on how satisfied and balanced you feel in these 7 key life areas.

1. FoodYour ideal way of eating for a vibrant life

2. FitnessYour sustainable, enjoyable exercise routine

3. Friends & Family Incorporating community as a pillar of health

4. FutureLiving a purpose-filled life with your unique gifts

5. Finances Money strategy & wealth to support your ideal lifestyle

6. Fun If you need an explanation for this one… start here!

7. Faith & SpiritualitySolidity in whatever force or higher power you resonate with, be it God, the Universe, Buddha, Allah, etc.

Oh, but that’s not all! I also walk you through creating a 21-day challenge for yourself in order to take action like never before in your lowest-scoring area!

Here’s the video!


Listen to the audio here:


Get the FREE Tessie Tool™ Download that goes with this video!

Be sure to download your complimentary Life Balance Check In Sheet at  tessietracy.com/balance

Leave a comment below, and let me know what you’re discovering about yourself! Let me know! Questions about working with me as your personal health coach? Reach out anytime: tessie@tessietracy.com 

Love & Shiny, ? ✨


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