Bikram Yoga. It's for Everyone! Heal your body. Support others.

If you have ever done Bikram yoga, the following experience will likely relate to you. If not, it will soon, after you learn all these amazers facts about this Yoga method and take your first class.

I remember my first Bikram class.

I was an “in shape” athlete on the crew team at the University of Colorado. One of my teammates who had been doing Bikram for a while invited me to a class.

At her strong suggestion of bringing 2 towels, 2 water bottles, and a change of clothes… I was prepared for challenge.

And challenging it was. Though not just physically.

It was an intense meditative and mentally challenging experience for me as well. In my first 90 minute class, at any given point I wanted to throw up, give up, hyperventilate, or get out of the room!

But I didn’t.

I sat when I needed to, took small sips of water when necessary, and expressed each posture to my fullest potential for that day…and after a full day of re-hydrating and finally shaking the feeling of nausea… I couldn’t wait to do it again!

Every time I went back I improved. And I quickly learned that the benefits of Bikram Yoga are much like the Challenges: physical, emotional, internal, and mental.

The Journal of Exercise Science and Fitness summarized a study regarding the effects in different populations completing an 8-week Bikram yoga program.

The results clearly demonstrated that “Bikram yoga positively affected psychological and physical health in the sample population (…) Bikram yoga may give people the tools to decrease perceived stress, potentially having an effect on chronic stress-related illnesses.”

Hot Yoga is also known to reduce the negative health sypmtoms of diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, depression, arthritis and obesity.

If you haven’t already left this page to go sign up for a Bikram class in your area,

Watch this 10 minute interview with Bikram Instructor and founder of Uprising Yoga Jill Weiss!

Practicing Bikram literally changed her life, and she let’s us know how our focus and energy in class supports and touches everyone else in the room!  Hence the title, “Heal Your Body. Support Others” : )

Go to The Bikram Website to find a location near you!

*Tip* Many times Bikram studios will run a group on or living social special!

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