How to Build Healthy Habits x3 – Part 1: Defining Health (video)

Do you simply accept the limiting, vague, and objective definition of “health”?

Or, are you willing to redefine health as it pertains to all areas of life; creating your own description of what ‘healthy’ truly means to you?

If you answered YES to the second question, you are in the right place! In the video below, I cover the 1st of my 3 tips to building healthy habits: Defining Health. Why not start with defining what ‘healthy’ habits are to us, personally!?

Get ready to learn why and how to define what I’m calling your “Healthy F-Words”, which are key areas of life that involve our overall wellbeing.

Best of all, you can download my FREE Tessie Tool™ that goes with this video. The free download is a Roadmap to defining each of these 7 areas (f-words) in your life!

Here’s a sneak peak of the life areas I find crucial to look at and spend time defining what our ‘healthy’ ideal is in each area.

1. FoodYour ideal way of eating for a vibrant life

2. FitnessYour sustainable, enjoyable exercise routine

3. Friends & Family Incorporating community as a pillar of health

4. FutureLiving a purpose-filled life with your unique gifts

5. Finances Money strategy & wealth to support your ideal lifestyle

6. Fun If you need an explanation for this one… start here!

7. Faith & SpiritualitySolidity in whatever force or higher power you resonate with, be it God, the Universe, Buddha, Allah, etc.


Listen to the audio here:

Get the FREE Tessie Tool™ Download that goes with this video!

Download your very own, interactive Roadmap for Defining Your Own Health – FREE at tessietracy.com/roadmap You’ll be guided through an exercise of defining what ‘Healthy’ means to you in 7 key areas of life (aka your Healthy F-Words).

Email me and let me know what you discover! Did you surprise yourself with any of the answers? Did you learn something new about yourself? Or maybe you validated some areas you are actually doing really well in? Let me know! tessie@tessietracy.com 

Love & Shiny, ? ✨


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