Can We Lead From the Middle?

Question of the Day:

Well, more like a riddle.

Is it possible to le  ad not from in front

but from the Middle?

Or must on simply “follow”,

Building credibility on the down-low

Until enough accomplishments have piled up

to deem thee an expert.

I seem to be perplexed or,

lost for direction.

Those I follow have stories of failure

and they make a living trying to make sure others

do not share in their misfortune.

Don’t get me wrong, the wisdom is appreciated

but somehow the lesson is depreciated

because within every inspiring tale

is the ultimate lesson…

“I would not be where I am now if I did not FAIL”.

So I guess this means it’s inevitable

success and challenge are indeed inseparable.

I understand the tendency

to respect and listen to those

who can say “And now look at Me”

The discrepancy is that even the picture of duress

and the dramatized retelling of being a former mess

can sometimes leave the rest

of us looking up to some amazing height

and it still comes across as if you got there overnight.


There’s a shame from the days

you weren’t on your A-game, and

anything published before current fame is

subject to be sent up in flames.

So instead of blabbing on in what seems like an effort to complain,

I think I’ll become who I wish I had.

I am called to greatness, leadership and impact.

even though I’m currently in the middle of that path. 

I see myself a notorious writer, a delighter,

and a reminder 

that all things are possible when we take

off the blinders.

By recent invitation from my mastermind

accountability group, I accepted the call

to do a 30-day blog challenge

Thinking my overnight elevation may begin!

Or… I’d at least have more than sore phallanges 

and eyes to show for the work that

I never thought I could despise

The commitment it took I didn’t realize

could ever feel like chore or thorn in my side.

Of all the times I said “I just want to write more”

Now the first place my brain went 

is looking for a back door. “Maybe I’ll skip a day, No one will notice. It’s not like anyone has benefitted from the rushed and lacking perfection pieces I’ve posted”.

But, I’ll tell you what, I did it!

And no matter if this content makes a big immediate impact or little,

I can say that I am proud

to be leading from the 



If you accept, leave a comment and let us know what action you will be taking every day for 30 days. Something you’ve kept saying “I will do that someday”… or “if I did ‘this’ more it would make a difference in my relationship/career/finances/health, etc”

photo cred! My amazing boyfriend Bruce @balmighty

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