Connecting Your Inner Child and Your Adult Body

What does my inner child have to do with my relationship to food and body now that I’m an adult?

Well, think back to when you were a kid.

Think back to how you may have played, moved, socialized, lived care-free, ate when you were hungry, stopped when you were full, indulged in a treat once and a while and didn’t stress about it.

Now, let me handle your resistance up front.

Tessie, my childhood was not like that! So, therefore I don’t fit your pretty little description. When I was a kid, I _______… (was overweight, did not have enough money to have food when I wanted it, had a condition that affected my body, etc.)

Yes, I know! I understand. Boy do I understand. We are all unique and have such bio-individuality, that I wouldn’t dare say you are ‘just like” any other human. But, for example’s sake, let’s take the example above. And, even if you don’t fit the example exactly, there are likely parts of it you can relate to as a kid, or having the desire to be that way (care-free, playful, always moving, etc.)

So now it’s about REDEFINING  how you feel about your food and body now. If you have negative body image… who influenced that? Because you definitely didn’t come out of the womb thinking “ugh, I’m too fat… that baby is so much leaner than me….” NO, you had the beautiful essential fat your body needed to develop essential organs like your heart and your brain. So what is your opinion of what you eat now, why you eat that way, and how you feel about your body?

And… how can you transform that into more of a relaxed, child-like nature? Can you stop and ask your inner child… “What do you want to do today?”

The other thing you might be saying is, ok, I can hang with that, but I’m not a kid any more. I don’t metabolize as fast and my requirement for food at this stage in my life is lower than when I was a growing youngin. Oh, and I have responsibilities like making a living and that is stressful.

Ok, I understand. And there is a reality to eating for our life stage. Kids can eat a lot more food and their bodies will digest, metabolize and use the energy pretty quickly. As we get older, sure, there is something to making sure we are “getting our vegetables, maintaining a stress/relaxation balance, trying to eat as organic and whole foods as possible”, etc. But I invite us to also be playful, have a cookie once in a while, and discover the wonder in each day.

I believe that when we can do this, it not only REDEFINES our approach to adulthood on our own terms… but it also creates an environment in which the results we tend to force (weight loss, perfection, portion control, freedom around body image)… happen naturally.

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