Eating Intuit: Step 7 – RHYTHM

The last step in my Eating Intuit Method to elevate our relationship with food and body… reminds us that this very elevation is a balance and a process and we can flow through the 7 steps as needed whenever we feel lost.

The 7th step, Rhythm, also has to do with some mechanical elements we can include when it comes to eating.

Eating Intuit: Step 7 – RHYTHM

Have you ever heard of bio-circadian nutrition? You may have heard of our circadian rhythm, which demonstrates a natural human sleep-wake pattern.

Similar to this, bio-circadian nutrition has to do with how our metabolism flows around the clock. Here are some things to note:

  1. Our metabolism is getting ready to elevate in the morning, so when we skip breakfast or don’t eat enough, the body may respond by thinking it’s in a “famine”. This response means the body will store fat, not build muscle, and slow metabolism.
  2. Our peak metabolism, calorie-burning capacity, and optimal digestive time is in the middle of the day, typically between 12-1:30pm This is when it would be beneficial to have our biggest meal of the day. Again, if we skip lunch, eat late afternoon, or calorie-restrict… it could be bad news later.
  3. Then comes dinner and sleep. Overnight our bodies rhythm is naturally programmed to detoxify, repair, and rebuild tissues in the body. If we consume a huge meal right before bed, that metabolic energy is rerouted into digestion and we may wake up feeling heavy and sluggish.

All of these facts in mind. It’s also my belief that everyone’s body had it’s own individual wisdom of how it functions best, and this information is simply a great guideline to experiment with!

To see more on bio circadian nutrition, read this article by Marc David: Nutrition, Rhythm and Metabolism

The last thing I’ll say about rhythm, is that we are always in flow in life. One moment our main focus is elevating our relationship with food, then we feel good with that and it’s our career we are looking to transform. Then a relationship, a dream vacation, a passion project, etc.

I say this because the 7-step process of Eating Intuit can be applied to any area of personal development we choose!

  1. Reveal
  2. Relax
  3. Restore
  4. Redefine
  5. Reacquaint
  6. Relationship
  7. Rhythm

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