Girl Where’d You Get Your Body (Image) From?

Body Image… The way you “imagine” your body.

Is yours Positive?
What experiences and influences have developed it?

Likely there have been points along your past in which you remember thinking “I should look like…” “I wish I had a ‘perfect’ body”… “If I was skinnier, then I would…”

These days, we have a body image dilema. It affects men and women, but especially women. Girls as young as the age of 3 will claim to be “on a diet”!

Our environment, mass media, and pop culture has many of us linking self esteem with the number on the scale.

A study from the University of Minnesota demonstrates that it is this very obsession that can actually CAUSE depression, eating disorders, negative self-image, anxiety… which all, ironically, can lead to weight gain and serious health problems (1).

Watch the video below (I partnered with Hapari Fit Wear in this video to promote healthy body image). It will allow you to take a deep look into your own body image, and gently remind yourself that you are not alone if loving your body is currently a challenge.

The first step…. is self-discovery!

Thanks for watching. Please share and comment with your discoveries about body image!




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