Why Should I Join A Group Exercise Class?

If you have ever laughed because someone else is laughing, or achieved something with a team you couldn’t have done on your own, you will thrive in an exercise class… Maybe more so than just working out on your own.

Here are 4 great benefits to joining a Group Exercise Program:

1. Plateau Busting!

Group exercise classes range from meditative yoga to sweat-blasting boot camps! Sprinkling in a variety of exercise can help improve body composition, building more lean muscle while burning fat. By changing it up, you zap boredom and keep your body from hitting a training plateau.

2. Motivation and Teamwork

In a group exercise class, you are “all in it together”. Working alongside others increases motivation, and you are likely to push yourself further than you would on your own.

New research even shows that working together towards a similar goal in an exercise class releases more endorphins than working out alone. Group exercise releases a plethora of other chemicals responsible for our attraction to other collective activities such as laughter, dancing, and even religion.

3. Accountability

Becoming involved with a group exercise program gives you a whole bunch of automatic workout buddies! With that comes the accountability of answering to them and the instructor when you miss class. It serves as a great support system to keep you on track. Also, if you prepay for classes, you are more likely to stay accountable for attending.

4. More Fun!

Fitness classes are a great way to meet new like-minded people in your community. You sweat together, try to figure out that darn boxing combination together, and pretty soon you’re lunch buddies as well! Group exercise really brings us back to playing with others when we were younger. Think of it as the big kid version of recess!

Now that you’re ready to try a fun, exciting new class, come try my body weight strength and Balance class at KOR GYM

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