Once I Lose 10 Pounds, Then I’ll Be ______?

If this phrase, or something similar, has ever left your lips, or crossed your mind, then listen up!

Postponing our happiness based on “shallow” goals… Only creates a mindset to NEVER BE HAPPY!

Let’s take a look at common endings to the end of the sentence: If only I could lose 10 pounds, then I’d be HAPPY/ENERGETIC/SEXY/LOVABLE/SUCCESSFUL, etc.

So I have goals Tessie, sue me. Aren’t you all about personal development and achieving our goals?

I am about continuous enlightenment, awareness and transformation toward the people we are meant to be for this World… Not the people we are supposed to LOOK LIKE for this World. So here is the issue with this mindset of once “this” then “that”.

1. It keeps your end goal always out of reach.
2. 9 times out of 10… Even when you accomplish your “once this” goal… You will either
A. Revert back to behavior you had before within a year, hence losing the “result” or
B. Wonder why the “then this” result still didn’t happen. Aka ok you lost the weight, so why aren’t you happy with your body? You got the job! Or the relationship! So why do you link your worthiness to your appearance?

Now, am I saying its “wrong” to want to work on your health and fitness, feel good in your own skin, and possibly shape shift your body. Absolutely not wrong! What I am saying is that we get in trouble when we BASE OUR HAPPINESS/SEXUNESS/BEAUTY/etc. on achieving the fitness goal.

Moreover, the miracle is, that when we can wrap our heads around feeling beautiful, sexy, fit, worthy, lovable and successful AS WE ARE NOW… Then we are scientifically likely to create the physiological environment in our bodies that allows our body to settle into its healthiest weight!

Marc David explains it fantastically in his best selling book, The Slow Down Diet. Here is me narrating from a page in the book! Click here to listen!

Comment, share, contact me at tessie@tessietracy.com to tell me what your typical “once this, then that” phrase is, and then let me know that you are committed to being your “that” RIGHT NOW!



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