Pull the Rigor Trigger!

Rigor: noun rig·or \ˈri-gər\

1. The quality or state of being very exact, careful, or strict

2. The quality of being unyielding or inflexible

There are many definitions for rigor.

What would achieving your goals be like if you applied the definitions above?

I recently read a blog by James Clear about using yourself as an experiment to really try something you’ve never done, in order to get somewhere you’ve never been regarding your vision/dreams/life/goals.

Now, Clear’s example was that of a mad scientist who actually consumed a dangerous bacteria in order to prove it’s cause of ulcers and stomach cancer… Yikes! Don’t try that at home.

But let’s look at the bottom line: WE are often our own best experiment when it comes to learning what works and what doesn’t work on the path to creating our best selves.

To take this a step further, I am inviting rigor into the equation. So it’s not only about experimenting, but taking bigger, perhaps riskier measures to achieve your dreams, and being relentless in doing so; being exact and unyielding.

What if every accomplishment you desired was treated with rigor, as if the stakes were so high it was like a life or death situation? For instance, have you ever stopped creating your dreams because you “don’t have enough money”?

Insert RIGOR: How fast would you come up with $50K if a family member needed a life-saving procedure?

Or maybe you “don’t have enough time”

Insert RIGOR: How much time would you create for a friend on his/her death bed?

It may sound extreme, but practicing rigor is the best defense against our automatic human nature…. procrastination. Some of the main reasons we procrastinate are

  • Fear of Failure/Success
  • Reasoning other priorities/Feeling overwhelmed
  • Natural human avoidance of pain and hardship (we seek pleasure, which= our comfort zone!)
  • Not feeling worthy of our dreams

So right now, I invite you into daily rigor. I invite you into action. Experiment with the action for 30 days. *If you miss a day, start over. The following steps will support you:

  1. Pick only 1 area (family/career/health/passion project/etc.)
  2. Choose the rigorous action (meditate everyday/spend at least 30min on my business everyday/journal everyday/make my own food every day)
  3.  Ask someone close to you to be an accountability partner (I explain the science behind how important this is in my ebook, Click here to download FREE)
  4. Track your Progress (ex- make a check on a calendar every time you complete/create a benchmark goal where you want to be in 15 days and 30 days.) Commit to 30 consecutive days. Then, take on a bigger action for the next 30 days.

Prioritize the action everyday as if it is life or death. When you embrace rigor with 1 focussed, purposeful daily action, your dreams will be accomplished as if they happened overnight. Go ahead…. pull the rigor trigger and see!

Please share your daily committed action in the comments below!

Here’s to your health and happiness,


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