Ship… Prefixed with Relation

I see a ship.
Prefixed with “Relation”
It seems to be the Sailing Journey

IS the destination.
But never floating aimless,
It’s intentional and shameless.
Where every Swell and every Storm
is overcome and always Blameless.
Guided by a North Star.
Trabajando conjuntamente
como el viento y el mar.

(English translation of last line- working together like the wind and the sea)

Take a moment to think of your Primary Relationship. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a romantic partner. Your primary relationship is the person who you spend the most time with… mentally or physically. It may be a romantic partner, your kid, a work relationship, a friend, God, your iPhone? 😉 pokeman ‘no’ lol.

I say mentally, because you may still have a ‘relationship’ with a former partner/friend/primary relationship/etc. and although it has ended, your emotional connection and mental energy may still be with that person.

Now, think about your journey with this person. Picture you and the person on a ship, far out to sea… What are the first images that come up?

Is it tumultuous? And if so… do you support one another through the ups and downs? Or lose yourselves in the chaos?

Is it calm waters? And if so… what makes it that way? Is it one of you, both of you, something outside of you?

As you visualize the ship, can you see where it is going? What or who is steering the ship? Do you see it heading to a specific destination? Or… do you really see the journey AS the Destination? And maybe there are stops with you and this person along the way… like an island vacation, a family reunion, a wedding, the birth of a child, a funeral, a new business… but when we look to those stops, whether they are in front of us or behind us, while they may a part of the conversation at hand, they should not be steering the ship.

Past and future “destinations” should not be the reason you are on the ship with this person… because the journey only happens in the NOW. And the time you spend at each ‘stop’, is futile in comparison to the time you spend on the Journey.

With whom is your Primary Relationship?

So, at this present moment of your life, who’s on your (relation)ship? Who is your primary mental/physical/emotional energy intertwined with?

What do the waters look like?

Where is it going? Where has it been?

Are you enjoying the Journey?



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