The Antithesis of Health

How do you imagine your body?

Are you a confident hottie 
Or a media-defined softie?
Isn’t it interesting how our goals 
Become more and more Lofty?
Past the point of losing weight 
Until we are headed towards
the antithesis 
Of health
it’s ridiculous to see
food as
The enemy
it’s only sucking energy 
That could be spent on what your purpose for the world is
Not to be pretty and skinny but
To be conscious and living… which,
I don’t mean to be rude…
Requires food. 
So being on a diet is to die- it
has diminishing returns when you are so hungry it burns
and we do this by choice while others
are actually starving but don’t have a voice.
Wake up. Breathe. Eat.
It will only kill you not to.

If you really do feel like you struggle with negative self-image, fear of gaining weight, chronic dieting, calorie-restricting, binging… I’m not being insensitive and simply telling you to stop.
In fact, I am not interested in taking the behavior away- the behavior you turn to when you don’t feel good enough, when you feel alone, when you feel like it is the only thing that keeps you in control… No. My mission is bigger than that. My mission is to invite you into another possibility.
The possibility called “I love who I am and I love my body and although every day might not be easy… I have a strong reason to care for myself, to be here, and to be healthy. I have learned to process my emotions and release my pain in ways that aren’t self-damaging but are restoring.”
The most important thing is to be easy on yourself for wherever you are. Because wherever you are… is exactly where you are supposed to be.
Please share this with someone who needs to hear it!
Here’s to Your Body Freedom,

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