The Emotionally Intelligent Athlete (E.Q.A.)

The Emotionally Intelligent Athlete, (EQA- pronounced eek-a for our purposes) is a blog series that demonstrates how novelty teachings in personal development translate over to support our goals in fitness…. and vice versa (how our discipline in fitness can support goals in other areas of life!)

*NOTE*– When I say “athlete”… I’m talking about you.


  • EQ is the measurement for emotional intelligence quotient, a counterpart to IQ
  • In short, it is the ability to perceive, reason with, understand, and ultimately manage emotions.
  • Other definitions include:
    1. “(…) An array of noncognitive capabilities, competencies, and skills that influence one’s ability to succeed in coping with environmental demands and pressures.” – Reven Bar On
      •  AKA our ability to remain ‘neutral’ in the midst of challenging situations i.e. a workout!
    2.  According to,  Emotional intelligence is a measurement of somewhat intangible skills in the following 4 areas:
      1. Self-awareness
      2. Social awareness
      3. Self-management
      4. Social/relationship management.

The site goes on to demonstrate that EQ (emotional intelligence) is directly linked to performance, and is 58% responsible for success in the workplace, more so than any other “skill”.


How can this “skill” support you in expanding your current reality of how fit/healthy you are?

Here are a few hints…

1. Mid-Workout/Project Performance: How to handle stress, escape the “mind” and ego working against you, remain present and aware

2. Relationships: Develop skills of teamwork/partnership (in a team WOD, in a fitness accountability group or with a fitness accountability partner, maximizing your influence and inspiration to others, and ultimately your own results)

3.  Goal Achievement/Habit Creation: Developing your EQ will lead to greater health and fitness goal achievement, self-confidence, and overall wellness/Discover the bottom-line reasons why you haven’t accomplished what you want

4. Life Pie Balance: Elevating your EQ will naturally raise the bar in other areas of your life regarding personal achievement, personal relationships, career, and living with a baseline of joy and abundance.


  1. Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 (1=Low emotional intelligence 10=emotional intelligence superstar) in the 4 areas above on how well you access your emotional intelligence.
  2. Choose the lowest area and create an action step around it to complete this week.


If I rate myself a 6 in “mid-workout/project performance” and this is my lowest rating, I would make a few notes as to why… for example:

– I don’t handle stress well, I prioritize my work over my relationships, I feel in a rut with my workouts

My action step may be:

“Ask 3 people close to me how I’m showing up in relationship. Ask for honest feedback. Am I anti-social? Do I show up as uninterested? Selfish? etc.” Take the feedback! Let it sink in.

Another Action step may be:

Schedule a friend date with someone with whom I want to expand my relationship. Perhaps it can be lunch with one of the 3 people I want to give me feedback 😉 Or maybe we do a workout together and then chat.

I invite you to share which of the 4 areas you will be working on and what your action step is in the comments below!

Here’s to your health and happiness,


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