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Signature Talk: "4 Myths The Diet Industry is Feeding You"

Workshop. 75 to 90 minutes.

For chronic dieters, emotional eaters, or anyone who struggles with their weight.

This discussion and lesson is so important because it leads to us to the most empowered way of eating… our own! Finding a peaceful balance between "having the discipline to eat my veggies" and "being relaxed around an indulgence 1-2 times a week" allows us to release unnecessary energy, and focus instead on our own creativity, gifts, and best self for the world around us!

Together, we'll address the problems with...

  • Googling 'how to lose weight' or 'how to eat healthy.' You end up with millions of answers that are all different and totally contradictory!
  • Fad diets that promise crazy results, but lack long-term research to back up ‘magic pill’ claims.
  • Thinking there is 'one diet for everyone.'

After the workshop, participants will walk away knowing...

  • Four myths that most people believe about dieting
  • What happens to your body on a diet
  • The tenets of mindful eating
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Colleges: "15 Things to Know About the 'Freshmen 15'"

Workshop. 75 to 90 minutes. 1 day intensive option available.

For college-aged girls who feel insecure about their bodies and stressed when it comes to food choices.

91% of college women claim they have, at some point, tried to control their weight with dieting. Up to 20% of females and 8% of males on college campuses have full-on eating disorders. 7 in 10 girls feel they don’t measure up in some way. These statistics need to change. 

What if every girl (and boy for that matter) truly got how much of a gift she is to the world no matter what she looks like? That very knowledge could give her the confidence, clarity, and courage to spend her energy creating her true purpose in this world. I want our students to stop wasting energy, time, and the only body she has on trying to be "some other kind of perfect."

After we unthink the lie that we need external validation to prove our self-worth, participants will walk away knowing...

  • Where they are situated in this problem of relationship to food and body as a young female.
  • How that unique experience of theirs is related to their relationship to parents, peers, life itself, and how it’s, essentially, not just about food.
  • How to navigate the 'princess phase' with curiosity instead of angst, fear, self beat-up, and also how to practice checking in with themselves, how they feel about the situation, and what feels intuitively good for them.
  • Tangible and intangible practices to help elevate relationship to food, metabolism, health, self-acceptance, and healthier food choices.
  • Meal timing, macronutrient balance, hydration, creating a fitness routine, as well as the scientific importance behind mindful eating.