Eating Intuit: Step 3 – RESTORE

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! We are smack dab in the middle of a brief introduction to my 7-Step System to Elevating Our Food & Body Relationship!

STEP 1: REVEAL – Self-Discovery Process to uncover our inner-most challenges, where our food and body challenges may come from
STEP 2: RELAX – Learn the science behind stress response in the body… and how it’s related to how you think about your food and yourself!

and today…

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Now that we know how important it is to bring our stressed-out selves back into relaxation so we can optimize immunity, calorie-burning capacity, metabolism, energy, and more… it’s time to take action!


Restoring has multiple meanings in the context of Eating Intuit. It is about restoring ourselves to our inner truth of who we know we are. It is about restoring ourselves emotionally, physically, spiritually, and relationally.

The following action steps are a guide to restoring. Restoring is not a one-time thing. It is a continuous practice and process that we choose when we recognize our stress has outweighed our relaxation.

  1. Restore Emotionally:
    • Take a few moments to yourself and check in: “Am I holding on to emotion that I need to let go?” It may be sadness, anger, excitement, anxiety, nervousness, worry, frustration, etc.
    • If the answer is yes…releasing the emotion and really experiencing it may be the best way to release it!
      • Create and environment where you can really experience the emotion
      • If it’s sadness, maybe you put on some moving music (aka anything by Adele lol) and you cry in a pillow.
      • Maybe you call a friend who is a really good listener and just talk about how you’re feeling.
      • If it’s anger, maybe you go to an intense exercise class (only if you don’t also have an issue with overexercising… you know yourself!) or again, maybe you scream into a pillow!
    • If you really commit to experiencing the emotion… you will likely feel lighter and relieved after. This may be a rinse and repeat 😉
  2. Restore Physically:
    • Are you in physical pain on a daily basis?
    • Do you suffer from muscle tension, constant soreness, or joint pain?
    • Do you feel fatigued and low energy?
    • Again, if the answer is yes…What would it be like to feel relief?
      • What action can you take that would feel so baby-step manageable, it wouldn’t be overwhelming at all?
      • A massage?
      • A mani-pedi?
      • A yoga class?
      • Stretching?
  3. Restore Spiritually
    • Restoring spiritually means connecting to whatever higher power you believe in… it doesn’t need to be a religion. It may be the Universe, Your inner knowing and intuition, God, etc.
      • Meditate?
      • Go for a walk in Nature?
      •  Got time for a spiritual retreat?
  4. Restore Relationally
    • Any bickering, discomfort, grudges, long-standing arguments?
      • This one is simple, and yet not so simple
      • But stress in day to day relationship with those closest to us is no different than any other stress that can contribute to low health
      • It’s complex, it’s painful… we all want to always be right… So try these on for more peaceful relationship.
        1. Vulnerability- Share how you feel
        2. Authenticity- Be true to who you are and don’t be afraid to show others. You don’t need acceptance.
        3. Connection- As humans, we all need connection, physical, sexual, intellectual, social, and emotional connection… which one could you use more of?
        4. Trust- What would life be like if you walked around everyday trusting that your life is exactly as it should be, and every person had your best interest in mind?

I know this is a lot. But don’t take it as overwhelm and not do anything. Even if you try one thing from this blog… PROGRESS!

As always, feel free to comment and let me know how you RESTORE!

Stay Tuned for Eating Intuit: Step 4- REDEFINE


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