A Thanksgiving Lesson That’s Good Year-Round

I wrote this poem last Thanksgiving, and was reminded of it recently when speaking with a client who was telling me what a powerful shift he has felt in life just from upping his Gratitude practice.

When we are grateful for what we have, this very act opens the door for us to receive more. It applies to money, love, relationships, and, yes, our bodies!

When we love our bodies EXACTLY as they are, meaning honor them, love them, treat them as sacred, then we create the environment for our body to settle into it’s healthiest state!

One of my favorite quotes reads “do not spoil what you have now by desiring what you have not; for what you have now was once among the things you only hoped for” ~ Epicurus

To me this means even if I greatly desire to have something I do not yet have… all I need to do is look back on my life, and realize that it really has been one grand, continuous process of elevation. Sure there are ups and downs. Though even if my “now” is a down… I can still look back and see that my current down is probably an ‘up’ compared to past down times.

Even if now is like the worst for you… you likely have wisdom, experience, and tools you only wish your younger self could have had when facing challenges.

Now, back to the poem… which is not really about that 😉

It IS about being grateful for meals, finding pleasure from our food and releasing stress around eating. And it is also about empowering you to define your own health, listen to your body, and know that your soul is so much more than the physical stature you call your body, and yes, your body happens to be the vessel. So if we can learn to love our body, that in itself inspires healthy choices, as opposed to trying to hate our body into a certain size… Fail!

I’d love to hear your takeaways from the poem! Can you relate? Does it make sense? Leave a comment!

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