Why baby steps are important for food and body goal-setting!

Have you ever taken on too much too fast with a fitness goal? Or been stuck in an on again/off again cycle with restrictive dieting and overeating? Or maybe there are just certain health habits that you really feel called to be consistent with, but the behavior seems to evade you or it feels like self-sabotage sets in?

Welp, you’re not alone! Behavior change can be a beast lol. So don’t worry if you feel like you’re in a cycle or like it’s just not coming easily. We ALL have those things! It’s part of your unique personal growth journey to be curious about it, keep trying, and TRY DIFFERENT APPROACHES!

One tip I have for you in the video below is the “P” in my H.A.P.I.E. Goal System! Which stands for PETITELY PROGRESSIVE… Aka… Baby Steps!

If your ultimate goal is to be exercising 4 days a week, and right now you are at 0-1 times a week… don’t start with 4! Start with 1-2 and keep consistent for at least 3 weeks before adding more.

When we practice this “petitely” progressive approach, we are more likely to…

A. Celebrate wins along the way! Which increases motivation to keep going!

B. Take on this new habit/behavior in a truly sustainable, consistent long-lasting way!

C. Eventually transform this ever-evasive “goal” that we used to see as our biggest weakness… into a subconscious healthy lifestyle routine!

What do you think about taking a Progressive approach to food and body goals? Leave a comment!

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