Comfort And Accountability

My friend recently sent me an article from the author of Eat Stop Eat Brad Pilon.

I was like “Yes! That’s what the People need to hear!” lol

It greatly resonates with the method of Eating Psychology by confirming that habit change is most effective when it is within the realm of “who we are”.

When we approach new health and fitness habits with the idea that we can make small changes WITHIN the “comfort” (for lack of a better word) of our own personality.

Here is a quote from the article:

“…Don’t think of weight loss as trying to change yourself, think of it as improving yourself in a manner that fits who you are. Make the changes you know you can make, but when it comes to the changes you can’t make, they’ll be of no benefit to you – no matter how ‘magical’ they are made out to be, if you don’t do them, they won’t work.”

And I would add that the reason we don’t stick to a lot of changes, and don’t DO them, is because they are outside of what works for our current way of life. The paradox of this, of course, is that when we set an intention to change for the sake of improving our health… even if we approach it with a system that ‘works for us’… that doesn’t guarantee it will be easy 😉

That’s why I ALWAYS suggest having a support system of external accountability! So, choose a new habit/change you are “comfortable” sticking to for at least 30 days… and in the ‘discomfort’ you will almost always come up against at some point on that journey… rely on your accountability partner or group to encourage you!

We are 90% likely to achieve goals when someone else is holding us accountable, versus just 10% likely when we simply have an idea to start doing something different and keep it to ourselves.

So below, I have posted some links to personality tests that I love, which will support you in discovering more about HOW you do life

Also, I have put my free ebook below- 5 Habits To Transform Your Fitness, and you better believe an accountabilibuddy is one of the habits. Download it. Check it out. I even give you an example of how to track your ‘baby step’ goals and add on (once you are consistent with them) to get to YOUR next level.

Personality Tests:

  1. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  2. DISC Test
  3. The Color Code

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Here’s to your Habit Creation,


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