Eating Intuit: Step 5 – REACQUAINT

ALRIGHT! Here we are. If you haven’t had a chance to see Eating Intuit: Steps 1-4, check them out here!
Step 1: Reveal
Step 2: Relax
Step 3: Restore
Step 4: Redefine

And now…

Eating Intuit: Step 5 – REACQUAINT

Now that your brain has come up with your own, personal definition of health, it’s time to tell the rest of your body.

And we are going to do that by creating a personal empowerment mantra and/or affirmation that will support you in elevating your relationship with food and body!

THE MANTRA: What’s the point of a mantra, Tessie? Do they really work?

Mantra means a sound; a certain utterance or syllable. There is actually a lot of science and mystic evidence around the power of mantra which is way to deep to go into here.

A key take away from this profound historic arena is that, according to international yogi Maya Fiennes

“mantra is actually a powerful device for changing our bodies and our minds. There are 84 reflex points around the mouth that are activated by the vibrations of chanting. These points trigger the hypothalamus, a gland in our brains that controls our hormones, metabolism, and the release of endorphins to stimulate our immune system.”

Here is her Fresh Start Mantra

When we chant, it can lower blood pressure, ease feelings of anxiety, and elevate our feeling of peace. The power of a mantra comes in repetition. This makes it something you can do throughout the day and use whenever you need it. Do it for 3 minutes or 30 to improve serenity and focus.

Step 1: Sit cross-legged with your shoulders relaxed and your back straight.

Step 2: Extend both arms in front of you with the arms facing up.

Step 3: Move both arms at the same time as if you”re splashing water over your head and repeat this mantra: “Wahe guru, wahe guru, wahe guru, wahi jio”

Step 4: Listen to the mantra online by visiting the music section of, under Mood Mantras.

Step 5: Repeat for at least three minutes (1)

THE AFFIRMATION: This is your “I” statement, directly related to what you want to breakthrough. If you struggle with loving your body, your statement may be “I honor and love my body exactly as it is”, “I am strong, loveable and beautiful”.

If you struggle with having peace with food… “I am healthy. Whatever I eat nourishes my body and elevates my soul”. Ok.. Your turn!

Take at least 20min to brainstorm and write down your one sentence, positive, empowering personal mantra!


Leave a comment below and let me know what it is!

For me, my mantra in this moment… “I am a confident, abundant, unapologetic woman”

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