Eating Intuit: Step 6 – Relationship Part 1

Dangit, Tessie… what do my relationships have to do with my weight, body image, and health?

I don’t wanna.
I know, I know… me neither. Sometimes I want to stay locked up in a room by myself and not talk to anyone…

But I’ve learned that successful relationship is not just when it’s convenient for me…

I heard a great analogy recently. One of my mentors shared… “If one is alone: meditating, peaceful, proud to be overcoming and dealing with one’s own challenges and finding happiness and self-sufficiency, that’s an accomplishment! And… life is not that. Life is about being in relationship with others everywhere we go.”

So, yes, I am saying your relationship with your romantic partner, family, co-workers, social buddies, teammates, customers, strangers…. all affects your health.

Eating Intuit: Step 6 – RELATIONSHIP PART 1

Relationship part one is for you to have an honest chat with yourself about who you are being in relationship. Are you being loving? Reactive? Selfish? Considerate? Communicative? Crabby? Defensive? Overly sacrificing?

Check out this article particularly about romantic relationship to see if it relates to you in romantic relationship >

Here is an article speaking into how to improve relationship with a coworker that you don’t always see eye to eye with>

I chose these to areas because I feel it is the most common primary relationships for a lot of people.

So now, for step 1: all you need to do is take about 10-20min and write down the relationships that bring you the most stress, discomfort, anxiety, etc. and then describe how YOU are contributing to the relationship!

We will continue this relationship in part 2 🙂


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